Search for Suppliers

IMG_1576Member businesses of the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster are occasionally in search of particular products and services. If your organization can satisfy one or more of the following needs, please contact the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster Manager.

A) List of contacts givers’ needs (2014 Wind Meetings)


B) List of specific needs of Wind Energy Cluster businesses

Need 2013-01: Electric Grinders
Quarterly purchase of 7 small angle grinders (model: Milwaukee #6124-30 6’’ or equivalent), i.e. approximately 28 per year.

Need 2013-05: Purchase and Technical Support for Welding Wire
The supplier must not only be able to provide a variety of welding wires, but also advise the business based on its needs. “We want to have the right welding wire for the right need.”

Needs 2013-06 and 2013-10: Metric Bolts
In North America, bolts are only available in imperial units (inches). The need is to have metric-unit bolts designed (and stocked) in North America in sufficient quantity. Current providers don’t maintain them in sufficient quantity and ordering them from Europe leads to delays.

Sizes sought:
5 mm to 16 mm thick
10 to 70 mm long

isolateurNeed 2013-11 Metric Insulator
This part comes from Germany. Metric-unit insulators are unavailable in North America. The need is to have this part designed in North America rather than imported from Europe.



Need 2013-12 Electric box (frame only)

Need 2013-13 Chokes
Currently, this part is manufactured in China, hence the need for chokes designed in North America.

Choke: 200 microhenrys; 15 amperes; 575 V, 3 phases
Choke: 22.5 microhenrys; 35 amperes; 575 V

Need 2013-15 Company offering repair service for UPS batteries and breakers