Research & Development

Repower MM92-CCV in Riviere-Au-Renard, Quebec, KanadaR&D is at the heart of the development of the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster. This component is overseen by the TechnoCentre éolien who, in addition to providing technical assistance to businesses, undertakes a number of applied research initiatives.

Drawing from a formidable team of engineers, researchers and collaborators, the organization focuses on the following 7 priority areas:

  1. Characterisation of the threshold atmospheric layer and methods of estimating wind power production
  2. Study and characterisation of the performance of wind turbines in icing conditions
  3. In-field trials for businesses and assistance in obtaining certification/accreditation
  4. Wind farm operation and maintenance
  5. Wind hybrids with other sources of energy and electricity production at remote sites
  6. Environmental and human impacts
  7. Operation, adaptation, evaluation and development of wind power technology, measurement instruments and related systems in northern climates

Each of these priority areas is detailed on the TechnoCentre éolien’s website

Examples of the TechnoCentre éolien’s achievements in applied research