Characterization of Supply Chain

In 2011, this project was implemented to bolster the Quebec wind energy supply chain. As a first step, consulting firm GL Garrad Hassan (GL GH, now DNV GL) conducted a characterization of the Quebec wind industry. This report helped recognize a number of opportunities for businesses in the Gaspé region and throughout Quebec.

Secondly, another consulting firm, Zins Beauchesne and Associates, performed a comparative analysis between what Quebec-based companies can offer and the opportunities identified in GL GH’s report.

The latter study was able to demonstrate a series of potential opportunities and action items, in addition to a series of recommendations for success in this regard. Furthermore, the TechnoCentre éolien and the ACCORD Wind Energy Cluster did not wait for the study to be released to begin taking action. Already, a number of action items identified by these studies have been implemented including the establishment of an O&M committee.

In the Zins Beauchesne and Associates report, it was established that exports of Quebec-based wind energy businesses totalled $267.5M in 2012 (figure obtained from 41 businesses polled out of 119 known to be active in exports). The research sector of the wind industry accounted for $16.5M of investments, in addition to producing more than 50 academic papers with a focus on the said industry.

Crédit`: EDF En Canada

Crédit`: EDF EN Canada


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