2013 “Wind Meetings”

With the support of the Wind Cluster, the TechnoCentre éolien organized a business networking activity in the framework of the 7th Quebec Wind Energy Conference held in Matane in June 2013.

Known as “Wind Meetings”, this highly constructive activity for Quebec clients and providers in the wind sector was in its fourth year. These meetings have led to a number of sustained direct marketing actions in an effort to recruit world-class clients.

RE 2013Convincing Results
This activity is unique in Quebec, if not all of Canada. Having grown each of the last 4 years, it reached unprecedented levels of participation in 2013 with a record 18 clients and 59 suppliers for a total of 22 business meetings.

Since its implementation, nearly 400 meetings have taken place with 45 clients and 146 suppliers of the wind industry. For both clients and suppliers, all of whom appreciate the format of this activity, the economic spin-offs are undeniable.

The Wind Meetings are consistent with the Wind Cluster’s objectives, namely:

  • To increase business volume for members of the Cluster;
  • To encourage businesses representing the wind industry supply chain to participate in the Cluster;
  • To help develop markets in Quebec, Canada and internationally;
  • To stimulate the commercialization of the products, technologies, and expertise of the businesses and support organizations that make up the Cluster;
  • To promote demand for exports from Quebec-based suppliers.

Wind Energy Cluster Participants

Activa Environnement
Cartier Énergie Éolienne O&M
Construction LFG
Contrôle électrique RK
Enercon – WEC Services
Enercon – WEC Tour
Fabrication Delta
Groupe Collegia
The Ohmega Group Inc.
LM Windpower
Maintenance Logic System
PESCA Environnement
B.B High Performance Brake Pads
PSB Sécurité
Régie intermunicipale de l’énergie Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine
REpower O&M
SuspendemRope Access
East Coast Wind