The O&M sector comprises several promising professions given the duration of the PPAs signed between wind farm owners and their sole client: Hydro-Québec. These 20- or 25-year contracts guarantee a long-term job in the industry, not to mention the possibility that these wind farms will be repowered with new turbines in the future.

Manufacturing and construction jobs will remain in demand with the implementation of projects retained under Hydro-Québec’s 2nd and 3rd calls for tenders. Such project construction is due to continue beyond 2015 with the commissioning of projects retained under the 4th call for tenders for 450 MW, 150 MW with the First Nations of the Gaspé through a dedicated purchase agreement and a 200 MW block reserved for Hydro-Québec Production.

Crédit: Groupe Collegia

Crédit: Groupe Collegia

List of 12 top professions in demand*
41 Turbine maintenance technicians
22 Composite technicians
15 Administrative staff
13 Industrial maintenance technicians
12 Project managers
11 Welders
7 Engineer (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
6 Factory labourers
6 Quality control
6 Industrial equipment operators
5 Accountant
5 High-voltage O&M technicians

Other professions sought
Automation and control technician
Civil engineering technician
Community liaison officer
Contract management
Director of human resources
Director of operations
Electronics technician
Human resources management
IT technician
Materials engineering technician
Mechanical engineering technician
O&M project manager
OSH advisor
Production supervisor
Sales person
Site manager
Specialized day labourer

*According to the wind energy labour force survey conducted in fall 2014.