Support for Research and Development (R&D)

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Given the TechnoCentre éolien’s status as a college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) through its collaboration with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, Quebec companies who call upon the centre’s expertise can benefit from financial assistance for developing wind energy products and services or for their innovation programs.

Contact person:
Philippe Lacasse (Business Development Manager) +1 418-368-6162, x233


National Research Council Canada (NRC)
Since 2012, the NRC has had an office in Rimouski to help businesses in eastern Quebec (1 to 499 employees) grow through innovation.

The NRC offers support in the form of technical assistance as well as funding such as the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).

Here’s what the IRAP and associated Industrial Technology Advisors (ITA) can do for innovative businesses:

  1. Networking through the contacts of the ITA, the NRC and its partners.
  2. Technical advice and coaching for an innovative project, as each ITA has technical knowledge and can reach out to his or her colleagues throughout Canada.
  3. Information and patent research for a product and/or idea through the database available at NRC. This allows the business to better inform the development process of its product.
  4. Interactive visits with specialized centres such as CCTTs, universities and several others. Such visits aim to better structure the development process of the client’s product and enable the client to obtain an action plan, recommendations or information from a specialist in order to move things forward.
  5. Youth Employment Program. To hire a resource to develop a project. Visit the link.
  6. The well-known IRAP program for non-repayable contributions to an innovative project. Visit the link.
  7. The Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program that ends March 31, 2014. Visit the link.

Contact person: Stéphane Héroux (Industrial Technology Advisor) +1 418-723-2726, x201.