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Quebec has made sustainable development a priority for the years to come and the establishment of a wind energy network is one way it is achieving this. By the end of 2015, there will be more than 40 wind farms in this Canadian province, with an installed capacity of 3,300 MW. This growing market plans to deliver 4,100 MW by 2018.

A supply chain featuring more than 150 companies, that includes such internationally renowned manufacturers as GE, Senvion (REpower), Enercon and LM Windpower, has sprung up around these wind farms.

The Quebec industry is able not only to produce most wind turbine components, it can also provide all the services associated with wind farm-related construction, certification, training, financing, operation and maintenance. Furthermore, Quebec boasts a first-rate training centre and world class R&D infrastructure, including a centre that studies the northern climate.

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