Advantages andObjectives of the ACCORD Initiative

The ACCORD Project was launched pursuant to a decision of the Quebec government Cabinet in April 2002.

As a priority action for the government to develop the economies of rural Quebec, this initiative:

  • is based on theorganizationand themobilizationof the business community;
  • builds on regional strengthsandthepursuit of excellencein key sectors of Quebec;
  • capitalizes on forging alliances and industrial networksbetween participants of the same economic sector.

Objectives of the ACCORD Project

  • Position the regions of Quebec as centres of specific nationally and globally recognized industrial competencies by developing centres of excellence that can become the brand image of the region.
  • Increase productivity and favour job creation by focusing on innovation and exporting.
  • Contribute to the emergence of keystone economic projects in the regions of Quebec.
  • Encourage the creation of intra- and inter-regional industry networks.

Advantages for Businesses

The ACCORD Project encourages:

  • development of a strategy and an action plan that meets the needs of businesses within the same economic sector;
  • networking and partnerships between businesses of the cluster for projects related to:
    • market development;
    • research and innovation;
  • maximization of the benefits of branding thecluster in Quebec and abroad;
  • easy access to expertise, support services and strategic information;
  • closer collaboration with technological R&D sectors;
  • access to a qualified labour force thanks to training and development programs, incentives for attracting an external workforce, etc.