Cluster Committee

Cluster Committee

Mission CalifornieThe Cluster Committee sets out the main strategic guidelines and vision of the Wind Energy Cluster with regard to the development of the industry. It also establishes and updates the annual program of actions and projects. Its members include manufacturers and institutions.

The Cluster Committee advocates for the needs of the wind industry and promotes thedevelopment of this sector. The meetings of the Cluster Committee, generally held 4 or 5 times a year, are the ideal medium to inform members of progress made with regard to actions and projects, distribute information and encourage networking amongst various industry players.

Photo: a few members of the Wind Energy Cluster at an economic mission in California

Members of the Cluster Committee

Committee members hail from a diversity of backgrounds. They include businesses of the manufacturing sector (components of utility- and small-scale turbines), construction-related companies (wind farm developers, experts in the fields of the environment, automation, wind turbine telecom and wind farm installation) and providers of O&M services (wind farm operators, maintenance providers, suppliers of new and reconditioned parts). Other members include organizations involved in wind energy R&D and training, in addition to all provincial and federal ministries and organizations associated with the wind industry.