Main Challenges of the Wind Energy Cluster

Assist businesses within the cluster in building the necessary capacities to ensure production, installation and maintenance of all projects in the Quebec pipeline.

Increase the social acceptability in local communities slated to host new wind projects.

Competitively position Cluster businesses to enable them to pursue their development beyond 2015 by actively participating in wind projects outside Quebec.

Position the Cluster as an umbrella group of industries and academic and research institutions which coordinates keystoneprojects for the expansion of the Quebec wind energy industry.

Convince the Quebec government of the importance of maintaining domestic demand beyond 2015. Concurrently, improve the energy transit infrastructure for the Gaspé Peninsula (Rivière-du-Loup – Rimouski line).

Resolve transportation issues to allow companies of the cluster to be more competitive.

Consolidate the regional production system by developing synergies and partnerships on the national scale with wind energy businesses within and outside Quebec. In this vein, incentivize businesses to set up in the Designated Region.

Develop a culture of innovation within the companies of the Cluster.